In Support of Ezy Applications
Lope Lope Adventure Lodge launches its website using the services of Ezy Applications Inc. 

Ezy Applications recently launched its new software of Free Sites under the name EzyZone.  That means anyone can now get a free professionally looking website - click here to visit EzyZone

The Lope Lope Adventure Lodge web site is now live... we are still working on a few items that will make life easier for our customers.

The programmers should have our registration system ready soon. That way clients can register and recieve updates whenever we have something happening at the Lodge.

Further to that, we hope to have a fully fledged online booking system soon - this will mean easier booking and payment methods that are live all the time.

We will update everyone as soon as this becomes available.

See you back soon!
Lope Lope Adventure Lodge - Santo Vanuatu Holiday Resort - 2015