Santo Extreme Quad Racing Team

Santo Extreme Racing Team to Inaugural Vanuatu Rally

By Eleanor Waiwo

 The boys posing for the Daily Post at Lope Lope Adventure Lodge

Santo’s very own Extreme Quad Racing Team are in full swing preparing and looking forward to the Inaugural Vanuatu Rally sponsored by Tusker from the 26th to the 28th of this month in Port Vila.


When Chris Parsons, the Development Manager of Tusker, mentioned the Port Vila Tusker sponsored rally to the “Santo Extreme Quad Racing Team” on his last wine tasting visit to Santo he should have known the quad boys will grab the opportunity with a vengeance… and they did!


Dave the team manager went into “racing mode” the next day and came up with the idea of making this a Santo affair. Within 24 hours the leading Santo Businesses swung into action supporting the idea of sending the team down to challenge whatever Port Vila can throw at them. The result was clear – the Santo sponsors came up with the cash in no time, making the whole trip a viable exercise to promote Santo as a destination to be reckoned with – Santo is now fondly dobbed as the Adventure Capital of Vanuatu, and the quad boys are going down to the capital to show a sincere presence!


The team has seven riders who will be representing Santo in this big event which Daily Post understands is the first of its kind organized in the country. Looking at the quad boys today; all I can say they are serious with this event as they are even shipping down a fully stickered new black Mitsubishi truck and their 7 quads to honor their Santo Sponsors!

 Ready for the Tusker Rally at Devils Point in Port Vila

The Santo Extreme Quad Racing Team consists of riders between the ages of 19 and 51 that included Dave, Brendin, Mitch, Ben, Andrew, Adrian and Colin.


This is what they are racing and what their racing numbers are:


Dave riding as number 001 on a 700cc Yamaha Raptor

Colin riding as number 007 on a 700cc Yamaha Raptor

Mitch riding as number 22 on a 700cc Yamaha Raptor

Brendin riding as number 12 on a 450cc Yamaha Raptor

Ben riding as number 14 on a 450cc Yamaha Raptor

Adrian riding as number 85 on a 450cc Yamaha Raptor

Andrew riding as number 69 on a 450cc Yamaha Raptor


The team members will leave for Port Vila next week on Friday to compete with their counterparts in Port Vila. The Daily Post will update you with latest news and pictures when they leave Santo!


Leading Santo Businesses to be acknowledged for their support and being the proud sponsors of “The Santo Extreme Quad Racing Team” are (in no specific order) LC Tina, LC Brisk, LCM, Santo Hardware, KD Enterprises, Unity Store, Deco Stop, Lope Lope Adventure Lodge, Turtle Bay Lodge, Oyster Island, Pacific Electronics, The Slipway Sports Bar and Grill, Splash Extreme, Tusker, Santo Earth Works, Melcofe Contractors, Santo Engineers, Santo Engineers Workshop, Hotel Santo, Wrecks to Rainforests, Moyyan, Sim-A-Construction, Santo Roads & Construction, Air Vanuatu and Bill and Robyn Keech.


Santo is proud to be represented by the team members who are aiming to perform at their ultimate to promote Santo as the “Adventure Island of Vanuatu”. Keep watching the Daily Post as we track them - the boys will be doing their best for Santo!

Lope Lope Adventure Lodge - Santo Vanuatu Holiday Resort - 2015