SEQRT - Final Wrap Up!
The Santo Extreme Quad Racing Team
Full & Final Wrap!
News hits the papers for the first time 10 days before the race:
Santo Extreme Racing Team to Inaugural Vanuatu Rally
By Eleanor Waiwo, Daily Post, Santo

The Santo Extreme Quad Racing Team
Santo’s very own Extreme Quad Racing Team is in full swing preparing and looking forward to the Inaugural Vanuatu Rally sponsored by Tusker from the 26th to the 28th of November in Port Vila.
When Chris Parsons, the Development Manager of Tusker, mentioned the Port Vila Tusker sponsored rally to the “Santo Extreme Quad Racing Team” on his last wine tasting visit to Santo he should have known the quad boys will grab the opportunity with a vengeance… and they did!
Dave the team manager went into “racing mode” the next day and came up with the idea of making this a Santo affair. Within 24 hours the leading Santo Businesses swung into action supporting the idea of sending the team down to challenge whatever Port Vila can throw at them. The result was clear – the Santo sponsors came up with the cash in no time, making the whole trip a viable exercise to promote Santo as a destination to be reckoned with – Santo is now fondly dobbed as the Adventure Capital of Vanuatu, and the quad boys are going down to the capital to show a sincere presence!
The team has seven riders who will be representing Santo in this big event which Daily Post understands is the first of its kind organized in the country. Looking at the quad boys today; all I can say they are serious with this event as they are even shipping down a fully stickered new black Mitsubishi truck and their 7 quads to honor their Santo Sponsors!
The Santo Extreme Quad Racing Team consists of riders between the ages of 19 and 50 that included Dave, Brendin, Mitch, Ben, Andrew, Adrian and Colin.
This is what they are racing and what their racing numbers are:
Dave riding as number 001 on a 700cc Yamaha Raptor
Colin riding as number 007 on a 700cc Yamaha Raptor
Mitch riding as number 22 on a 700cc Yamaha Raptor
Brendin riding as number 12 on a 450cc Yamaha Raptor
Ben riding as number 14 on a 450cc Yamaha Raptor
Adrian riding as number 85 on a 450cc Yamaha Raptor
Andrew riding as number 69 on a 450cc Yamaha Raptor
Truck, Trailer and Bikes at Lope Lope Adventure Lodge – ready to go!
The team members will leave for Port Vila next week on Friday to compete with their counterparts in Port Vila. The Daily Post will update you with latest news and pictures when they leave Santo!
Leading Santo Businesses to be acknowledged for their support and being the proud sponsors of “The Santo Extreme Quad Racing Team” are (in no specific order) LC Tina, LC Brisk, LCM, Santo Hardware, KD Enterprises, Unity Store, Deco Stop, Lope Lope Adventure Lodge, Turtle Bay Lodge, Oyster Island, Pacific Electronics, The Slipway Sports Bar and Grill, Splash Extreme, Tusker, Santo Earth Works, Melcofe Contractors, Santo Engineers, Santo Engineers Workshop, Hotel Santo, Wrecks to Rainforests, Moyyan, Sim-A-Construction, Santo Roads & Construction, Air Vanuatu and Bill and Robyn Keech.
Santo is proud to be represented by the team members who are aiming to perform at their ultimate to promote Santo as the “Adventure Island of Vanuatu”. Keep watching the Daily Post as we track them - the boys will be doing their best for Santo!
Team Update to Sponsors – 4 days before the race:
Hi Everyone
The Santo Extreme Quad Racing Team’s quads (7 of them), truck and trailer has been loaded on LC Tina 1 and now en-route to Port Vila for this weekends racing in the inaugural Vanuatu Tusker Sponsored Rally.
Santo Extreme Quad Racing Team 101.JPG
Loading the Teams Dreams on the LC Tina… valuable cargo!
For those who do not know, our aim is two-fold:
1.       To represent Santo as a vibrant Island and one we will promote as “The Place to be in Vanuatu” and “The Adventure Island of Vanuatu”… and crush the false belief in Port Vila that nothing goes on in our beautiful Island.
2.       To bring the rally to Santo next year, but make it a bigger international event than this one in Port Vila!
This promotional exercise was only made possible through a combined effort from leading Santo Businesses, so from us we would sincerely like to thank our 31 sponsors listed below – in no specific order:
LC Tina1
LC Brisk
LCM Group of Companies
Santo Hardware
KD Enterprises
Hotel Santo
Deco Stop
Village de Santo & 1606
Wrecks to Rainforests
Santo Engineers
Santo Engineers Workshop
Santo Earth Works
Melcofe Contractors
Pacific Autronics
Unity Store
John Lum
Santo Roads & Construction
Velit Bay Plantation
Turtle Bay Lodge
Oyster Island
Lope Lope Adventure Lodge
The Slipway Sports Bar & Grill
Splash Extreme
Bill & Robyn Keech
Air Vanuatu
VAS Santo
Wilco Santo
The team flies out of Santo on the 8.30am flight Friday morning 26 November in all their sponsored gear and will return Monday night.
Have a great week all!
Kind Regards
The Santo Extreme Quad Racing Team
Friday 26 November 2010
The Santo Extreme Quad Racing Team arrived at Pekoa Airport in Santo at 7.45am in their sponsored tees, caps and bags – an impressive site for cheering big-eyed locals.
The spirits were high and the team’s signature drink appeared out of seemingly nowhere – a Jager Bomb (Jagermeister and Red Bull)… boy did they regret that by 10am when unpacking their quads in sweltering heat!
The Team at Pekoa Airport, Santo
Flight was onboard the Air Vanuatu ATR and went smoothly… great fun onboard was enjoyed by all.
Tusker’s Business Development Manager, Chris Parsons met the team at the airport in Vila and was totally blown away by the smart outfits the team was wearing – the look on his face said it all, and in his words; “You guys are serious and probably the most professionally looking team to enter our competition”!
Straight to Coconut Palms Resort with the truck and trailer to offload, check-in, get geared up and ready for a 12.30pm departure to the Prologue. With Chris in his Sheriffs Truck leading the way and the Santo boys following on their loud quads produced many turning heads - camera’s and mobile phones were whipped out by googly-eyed locals to capture the moment.
At the Star Wharf, the prologue scene was set… the racing car drivers looking both amused and worried (that we were going to beat them) as the seven of us screamed in with bikes sideways around the corners hitting the straight at full tap – what a sight!
Quads and cars each had a quick test ride around the track, a weaving design that took as through corners created by solid shipping containers… that was a bit scary I must say, as nobody wanted to crash and spoil the weekend!
Once the times were posted, the racing drivers fears were realised – 5 of our quads beat the best car they had… too funny! Times were as below with new numbers allocated according to the fastest (number 21) to slowest (number 29) quad.
Results for the prologue:
Prologue - Quads
Quad 21 Mitch
Quad 22 Bret
Quad 23 Dave
Quad 24 Colin
Quad 25 Ben
Quad 26 Brendin
Quad 27 Morgan
Quad 28 Andrew
Quad 29 Adrian
Prologue - Cars
Voiture 1 Russet A
Voiture 2 Lancaster C
Voiture 3 Brunet P H
Voiture 4 Lenglet J
Voiture 5 Brunet C
Voiture 6 Guttagauro R
Voiture 7 Geiller L
Voiture 8 N Guyen J F
Voiture 9 Traverso A
Voiture 10 Lanrent L
Voiture 11
Voiture 12
Off to the track at Devil’s Point
With the newly issued numbers pasted onto the cars & quads and a Police Escort the group headed for a two lap “show off” drive through the main drag (streets) of Port Vila – now that was awesome fun and an experience second to none for spectators!!!
It was clear during this “crazy” drive through town, where quads were weaving through local traffic, through service stations as a short cut and pavements to pass slow traffic, that the QUADS were the ones attracting the most attention… the amount of camera’s and flashes going off as the quads, cars and the “Black Santo Stickered Truck” passed through town proved it – we had already made an impact to be noted.
Leaving town, a very fast ride on a pot-holed dirt road got us to the track in record time, leaving the cars eating dust – even though the Santo boys could not resist jumping off the road onto a 3km stretch of black beach sand during the ride.
Rules were laid down by the organisers and race director Antoine Boudier, a few laps around the track on the back of a Ute, and we all settled down for a well deserved BBQ and drinks fully sponsored by Tusker.
After car and quad drivers got to know each other and casually talked about the upcoming 2 days, everyone headed home for a good nights sleep!
Saturday 27 November 2010
Saturday morning up early and at the track 7.30am… it was always going to be a long day of tense, tiring and very fast racing – but fun!
Everyone had 7 races scheduled for the day, with only about an hour (sometimes less) between races where fuel needed to be topped up, chains tightened, tyres checked, a nana-nap for some “older fella’s” in the team – ala Colin & Ben, food and plenty of water… no Johnnie Walker Black “Keep Racing” allowed though; much to the disgust of some extreme riders!
RedimensionnerSSS  29.JPG
The Racing Track at Devil’s Point
The format was simple… two lanes with the track splitting up onto two different courses at the end of the straight. Two laps in total (about 5km). If both competitors had the same time lap times, they should meet back at the straight and fly past the finish line & chequered flag.
Cars - 1 car in one lane and the other in the next – 2 cars on the track at a time.
Quads – 2 per lane, so 4 quads on the track at a time… made it I bit difficult when coming second as you had to contend with dust and stones flying off the tyres of the leading quad, but hey – spectators absolutely loved it!!
-          Hit a cone, a tyre or “Daddy Laurent’s grass or lemon tree” – a 5 second penalty
-          Do not complete a race – a 8 minute penalty
Every race time gets added up at the end of the two days racing and the one with the least overall time wins…
The first few races the older guys in the team were leading, but as their “gas” started running out over lunch time, the younger boys started creeping up in the ladder. Should we mention for the record that race 1, Colin raced against his son Brendin, and beat him by 2 seconds flat (as well advertised, documented and announced by our incredible MC, Cyrille Mainguy) … that started changing later in the day though!!
Colin & Dave on their Yamaha 700cc Raptor’s
With Cyrille Mainguy on the PA mike, the excitement started building – he was absolutely awesome in encouraging riders, whipping the spectators into action “albeit Tusker drinking action” and the best of all, promoting the riders, where they came from, who the represented and what island they were from – make no mistake, Santo was mentioned a million times during the weekend – every time us quads raced!
Thanks a mill Cyrille – you made the event for all car and quad riders, sponsors and spectators a worthwhile experience… “Tusker, let the bubbles floooooow!” – We are still not sure who sponsored the bridge though… was that Port Villa Hardwaaaaaare?
As the day progressed the crowds grew and grew and the cheers became louder each time the quads took to the track and the top cars posted incredible times as they pulled the track apart with impressive shows.
About mid-day, two of the cars started posting better times than the top 5 quad riders – quads had to now start pulling finger to try and keep up!
We had numerous visits to our Quad Tent, displaying our black stickered truck, Ben’s sticker trailer (compliments of Deco Stop) and all quads in the competition. Yes our quad competitors joined us in our Wilco Hardware sponsored double tent – thanks Brett, that was much appreciated when the rain came down and the scorching sun tried to cook us at times!
Also a great thanks to Elle (Brett’s Mrs) who appointed herself as the Team Manager, sorting out our race cards and warning us of upcoming races that we needed to be on time for. The rules were clear – if we were not at the starting gates 5 mins before the scheduled race, we got a 5 seconds penalty, and thanks to Elle, none of us were late!
The Boys watching the cars race… nice shirts!
With the last race at hand, a night race, Brett and Brendin were leading the quad squad in terms of total times. We had one problem though… Dave had no lights on his quad – but that was short lived as the Port Vila mates we have (yes we have some down there) from Mad Vanuatu (they race two-wheelers on their custom designed track) came to the rescue – they drove all the back to Port Vila (45 mins in a Ute one way), stripped some other quad off its lights and promptly returned, using ‘ol “duck tape” and some dodgy wires to get Dave’s 700cc lit up… or was it?
Darryl and Shaun – thanks guys; that effort did not go by un-noticed!
The night races proved a real challenge…
Dave could not see in front of him, as “our Port Vila mates” had his lights pointing to the sky so all Dave could see is flying foxes scattering in the trees as he passed! That cost him his position at the end of all races… he posted his worst time – thanks to Darryl and Shaun… mates???
Colin after getting the hole shot but night blind, had to wave Morgan past so he can follow a light!
Brett went wondering off in the trees (lost where the track was) when following Mitch – he must be half night blind as well, losing valuable time.
The quads worst times were posted on that night race… the cars in return, having between 6-10 high-beam major spotlights strapped to their vehicles (each), thought it a breeze… “right boys, we will be ready with our lights next time ;)!”
At the end of the night, a big and welcoming surprise awaited for Colin and Dave when their wives (Ritana and Megan) turned up on a surprise visit from Santo (flown in by Air Vanuatu at a good price), just after their night race. Big thanks to Tuskers’ Cynthia for meeting them at the airport and bringing them to Devil’s Point.
All done and dusted for the day, Chris Parsons (Tusker) and the big boss Lionel met us at the VIP tent for a Tusker sponsored BBQ and drinks before heading back into town for a well-earned rest.
Lionel, Chris and Cynthia (Team Tusker); your support was nothing short of phenomenal during the entire weekend!
Sunday 28 November 2010
Another early start – at the track at 7.15 am and ready for the day’s racing!
Throughout the day our sponsors and interested people flowed through our quad tent (proudly sponsored by Wilco – as only Cyrille could say it), giving us support, taking pictures and chatting about what we were doing and what our plans were to beat the cars. Thanks to all Santo sponsors and supporters who flew down especially for the race! We even had a fair Port Vila support base visiting us… thanks guys!
Extreme Quad Racing Team 2.jpg
Relaxing under the tent – Sunday!
Thanks to all of you for your tremendous support and encouragement!
Races back on, we took to the track with the quads starting to post faster times than the day before. Sure, we had a few incidents over the weekend that need to be noted:
Mitch – rolled his quad on Saturday losing valuable time.
Ben – besides rolling his quad as well, ran out of fuel on Sunday after forgetting to top his quad up before the race – lost valuable time.
Brett – hitting Colin’s rear tyre and promptly touching a course tyre that marks the edge of the track; a 5-second penalty costing him valuable time.
Morgan – “t-boning” Mitch just before the bridge and turning his quad over – he could not finish that race, so he got an 8 minute penalty!
It was all fun and games, but riding fast and consistent was what it was all about … if you wanted to win! Remember times are added up to get the best overall time.
How’s this… the cars get a 45-minute lunch break – what did the quads have to do??
You guessed it – gear up again and give the massive crowd a spectacular show in the middle of a scorching hot day!!
What a “crazy looking situation” as all the quads took to the main stretch of the track – some on their rear wheels, some on their side wheels – others doing donuts on the track, weaving through the “witches hats” and others ramping off the side of the bridge… with Cyrille back on the mike and calling us the crazy quad bikers from Santo, it was an absolutely awesome sight for a loud cheering group of spectators! Probably 20 minutes of “organized chaos” that made the quads stand out once again!!
Last races were 1 car against 2 quads…
Boy, did everyone love that - the quad supporters yelling for the quads to go faster and beat the cars and the same for the car supporters… more organised chaos much to the delight of the crowds and Cyrille ripping strips off everyone.
Extreme Quad Racing Team 3.jpg
Ben beating the sh*t out of the cars
End result in the chosen “quad/car” races was; the cars won 4 times and the quads 3 times (if I recall correctly).
With an awesome event drawn to a close, the crowds dissipated and the riders packed up to take their extreme cars and quads back home.
Dinner, prize giving and party time Sunday night
Well dressed and now “clean” drivers of quads, cars, their guests and VIP’s met at the old Rossi venue for a sit-down dinner and prize giving.
With a host of Santo supporters booking tables to join us, I must commend one group in particular:
Kevin Green and his mates… Kevin and Mayumi were not only our biggest sponsor, making it possible to ship a truck, trailer and 7 quads down to Port Vila (and back to Santo in one piece), they were at the race track on Saturday and Sunday. Most of our pictures displayed in our gallery were taken by them as they broke track rules to get to places where they could get the “extreme shots” on camera.
Kevin, you and your company, LC Brisk and LC Tina is much thanked for your participation mate!
With Cyrille and his now ‘broken voice” on the Mike, the French guys in Port Vila  who organised all this topped the event with a spectacular show of Tahitian dancers, awesome food, a great prize giving and an even better after party.
Thanks to our French hosts – you guys CAN organise a rally!!
Below are the winning times and places:
Result Final
Best lap car 4 – Julien in Purple Angel
 1 voiture General
2 Voiture General
3 voiture General
1 quad 22 – Brett
2 quad 26 - Brendin
3 quad 24 - Colin
1 voiture 4 x4 voiture 1
2 Voiture 4x4 voiture 4
3 voiture 4x4 voiture 3
1 voiture 2 roue voiture 9
2 Voiture 2 roue voiture 7
3 Voiture 2 roue voiture 6
Final Quad Standings for the total event
Quad 21
Quad 22
Quad 23
Quad 24
Quad 25
Quad 26
Quad 27
Quad 28
Best Lap times for Quads
Quad 21 Mitch
Quad 22 Brett
Quad 23 Dave
Quad 24 Colin
Quad 25 Ben
Quad 26 Brendin
Quad 27 Morgan
Quad 28 Andrew
Quad 29 Adrian
A Santo Summary
In an event like we have just experienced, it becomes extremely difficult to start highlighting anyone as more important than the next.
We had sponsors that varied between Vt10,000 to Vt400,000… 31 sponsors in total who gave what hey could afford!!
It is not what sponsors gave individually that made this all happen, but rather what Santo could conjure up collectively to make the impact we set out to achieve. In doing this, we as a Santo business community and island to be reckoned with have achieved what we set out to achieve:
1.       We are Santo, the Adventure Island of Vanuatu!
2.       Tusker has confirmed that they will be the proud sponsor of the first ever Santo Rally – probably in Mid 2011
3.       Our newly found French friends will support us with their experience to make this happen
There is a joint agreement to make the Santo Rally not only a first, but the biggest in Vanuatu by adding more cars and more quads from not only Vanuatu, but from New Caledonia, New Zealand and Australia.
The stage is set – thanks to everyone for what you have made possible in Vanuatu; especially in Santo; our paradise waiting to be shared by the rest!
Until we race a big race again…
The Santo Extreme Quad Racing Team
For all the pics go to this link:
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Pics – thanks to Kevin & Mayumi Green, Santo, Vanuatu
Video – thanks to Team Tusker, Vanuatu & Matt Drummond

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