Dining in style at the Slipway Sports Bar in Santo, Vanuatu
Built right over the calm, turquoise colored water and a magnificent view of the surrounding islands, the Slipway has become the hottest restaurant/bar in Santo... a place where you can relax during the day and party at night!

Dining in style, best chef and great atmosphere!         
Best variety of food, wines, spirits, shooters and beer in Santo!

Awesome view of surrounding islands on our waterfront decks - best in Santo!          Relax by day and party by day, the Slipway in Santo offers the best in dining on the island

Known to have the widest variety of drinks, food and music on the island, the Slipway offers the following in the best of styles and service:

  • Two Big Screen HD televisions
  • Television is live through satellite dish so no excuse to miss your favorite sporting events or latest news whilst on holiday
  • Free pool tables upstairs
  • Free darts upstairs
  • Over 12,000 songs on iPod - you get to choose what you want to listen to and when... based on a "majority rules" decision when the bar is full - yes, we are here to have a great time!
  • Free wireless Internet on our decks; bring your laptop and stay in touch with friends and family
  • Leather couches to laze around and read our latest variety of magazines
  • Sumptuous cocktails all day long
  • Fully stocked bar with a great variety of Australian, New Zealand and South African Beers and an even wider variety of spirits, wines, shooters and pre-mix drinks
  • Awesome food menu available covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in-between
  • Absolute awesome atmosphere, where people meet people all day long!

Our highly trained local chefs are the ones that will make sure your food meets our highest standards; whether it is a hot breakfast, something off our all day menu or a romantic dinner. To keep your appetite tantalized, they churn out the most amazing specials menu each week!

Be aware - you may add a bit of weight if you succumb to all our chefs creative food designs, but do not worry, our activities and the boys at Splash Extreme will help you keep in shape!

The Slipway simply reflects what we are... "The Place to be in Santo, Vanuatu!"

See you soon!

The Slipway Team

Lope Lope Adventure Lodge - Santo Vanuatu Holiday Resort - 2015